Imagen Plato

General Information

  • Power Supply:   100 Kw
  • Set:    TCERO 1
  • City:   Sangonera la Seca
  • Province:    Murcia
  • Region:    Murcia
  • Area m2:   634
  • Floor:   A 21 x L30
  • Height:   6,20
  • Air Conditioning:    AA
  • Production Control:    Production control HD + Sound C.
  • Set Design:    No
  • Roof Type and Loads:    Adjustable suspension
  • Sets:    Production offices
  • Security:    Cameras
  • Lighting:    Simultaneous 100-kW power with 93 lighting channels and adjustable suspension system with a mixture of cool and warm light. The lighting is suspended with a truss structure and the upper catwalks for working on the floodlight adjustments are 6.20 m high.

Auxiliary Facilities

Total floor area 9,402 square metres. All facilities are available for use including a series of meeting, training, voice-over and editing rooms.

Equipment and Facilities

Studio Photos