Plató ELENCO 2

Imagen Plato

General Information

  • Power Supply:   150 Kw
  • Set:    Set ELENCO 2
  • City:   Boadilla del Monte
  • Province:    Madrid
  • Region:    Comunidad de Madrid
  • Area m2:   300
  • Floor:   A 12 m x L 25 m
  • Height:   9,00
  • Air Conditioning:    AA
  • Production Control:    No
  • Set Design:    No
  • Roof Type and Loads:    Motorised trellis truss
  • Sets:    Production offices
  • Security:    No
  • Lighting:    No

Auxiliary Facilities

Soundproofed forced extraction system, loading and unloading area with direct access to set. Fibre-optic television circuit with Telefónica's data centre in Simancas. Option of connection with control centres throughout Spain for live broadcasting.

Equipment and Facilities

Studio Photos